The most important variable in Innovation is PASSION


The Optimistic, the Pessimistic and the Realistic

The passion can be expressed differently by different people, but it is always one of the main sources of energy.

The passion is not incompatible with a dose of discipline. Passion and innovation are contagious and must be experienced by everyone, not being advised the separation.


“To management the important thing is to maintain a balance in leadership team, between lovers, idealists, visionaries, those who are capable of firing the team with enthusiasm, creative, and sometimes so realistically passionate and pragmatic, that will ensure that projects are well executed and have success in the marketplace.”- Jean-Philippe Deschamps.

In an organizational universe, whatever its size, there are always three perspectives: that of pessimistic, of optimistic and of realistic. It is important to flatten this environment and seek to make people fall in love for the work on the demand of innovation.

 An integrative way of being passionate about innovation calls for the successful resolution of the tensions between a need, on the one hand, and learn and adapt, on the other hand, to be able to act decisively and with purpose.

A pessimist passionate can love the drama, only to encounter difficulties and can browse doom everywhere.

Passionate optimistic, can only see facilities, does not find errors or imperfections and can see the defeat as a matter of chance.

A passionate realist, feel good about him and carries energy for teams and for the organization.

He detects needs and he find solutions together with other people.

He has the ability to harmonize and synthesize alternative points of view, rather than choose between them, while maintaining the ability to act with determination and punctuality. He has the ability to internalize and conceptualize unstructured linearly relationships among the variables most important when confronted with a problem.

He has the ability to maintain a vision of the whole problem while working the parts individually.

To generate passion is important for the work but it is not by itself guarantee success.

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