¿Por qué la innovación es un modo de responsabilidad social?


¿Por qué la Innovación en el Sector Público?

Por Marcelo Lasagna, extracto de La Tercera.cl

El entorno que enfrentan hoy las empresas, el estado, las regiones y países, dado su alto dinamismo, genera grandes dosis de complejidad e incertidumbre, que sólo pueden navegarse –mitigando el riesgo de zozobra- a través de la anticipación y la adaptación a los cambios. El verdadero camino para lograr la sostenibilidad en las organizaciones es impulsar a los individuos, a las instituciones y a las empresas a aprender y a innovar. Puede el sector público innovar?. Para muchos esta cualidad es poco practicable en la gestión de los asuntos públicos. La inercia de la cultura tradicionalista-procedimentalista y la rigidez de las estructuras públicas hacen poco factible la innovación.  Sin negar que ciertamente el sector público se caracteriza por ello, no quiere decir que la innovación sea ajena absolutamente a lo público.

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Sustainability: lost in translation?

by Freya Williams via guardian.co.uk,

Articulating concepts of sustainability is one of the most fascinating and worthwhile challenges of our era, says Freya WilliamsI’m going to play back to you a conversation I’ve been in more than a handful of times, and in which I’d be willing to bet that manyof you have found yourselves at least once.”We need to talk about sustainability, but without using the actual word ‘sustainability’,” someone says.”Oh yeah, I hate that word,” someone else chimes in. “Our employees/customers/consumers/I have no idea what it means.””Er, so what can we say?” asks somebody else.

How to Create an Innovation Mission Statement

 By Harun Asad via Innovation Management

Often individuals and organizations tend to get stuck in the mode of talking about innovation and/or trying to understand innovation. The only way to really know innovation is to do innovation, and learn from your mistakes along the way. In this article Harun Asad suggests preparing an Innovation Mission Statement as an initial, action-oriented way to get out of the rhetoric trap.

So why Create an Innovation Mission Statement? Before we get to the ‘how’, let me briefly discuss the ‘why’.

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The most important variable in Innovation is PASSION


The Optimistic, the Pessimistic and the Realistic

The passion can be expressed differently by different people, but it is always one of the main sources of energy.

The passion is not incompatible with a dose of discipline. Passion and innovation are contagious and must be experienced by everyone, not being advised the separation.


“To management the important thing is to maintain a balance in leadership team, between lovers, idealists, visionaries, those who are capable of firing the team with enthusiasm, creative, and sometimes so realistically passionate and pragmatic, that will ensure that projects are well executed and have success in the marketplace.”- Jean-Philippe Deschamps.

In an organizational universe, whatever its size, there are always three perspectives: that of pessimistic, of optimistic and of realistic. It is important to flatten this environment and seek to make people fall in love for the work on the demand of innovation.

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Creativity is the Key Skill for the 21st Century

By Dr. Mark Batey 

From  Creativitypost.com

Synopsis: Against a backdrop of uncertainty, economic turmoil and unprecedented change a new picture is emerging of the skills and traits for success (and perhaps even simply survival) in the modern era. At the heart of this essential skillset for the future lies… creativity.  

A raft of recent research studies demonstrates that creativity is vital from the shopfloor to the boardroom and at the level of the individual to the organization as a whole.  What is more… our economic fortunes at a societal level probably rest on creativity too. Below are 7 (magnificent!) themes and some research studies that convinced me.  I wonder if they will convince you of the cruciality of creativity too.


Sustainable Business

Extract From Article  by Shawn Achor


Research shows that when people work with a positive mind-set, performance on nearly every level-productivity, creativity, engagement-improves. Yet happiness is perhaps the most misunderstood driver of performance. For one, most people believe that success precedes happiness. “Once I get a promotion, I’ll be happy,” they think. Or, “Once I hit my sales target, I’ll feel great.” But because success is a moving target-as soon as you hit your target, you raise it again-the happiness that results from success is fleeting.


Redefining the Future of Growth

The New Sustainability Champions

by World Economic Forum


With global population expected to reach 9.3 billion by 2050 and rapid economic growth in emerging countries, pressure on the planet’s ecosystems will continue to increase.

This report showcases 16 emerging market companies, which provide inspiring examples on how to tackle challenges of performance, innovation, sustainability and growth. The mindset, practices and business models of these Champions offer critical insights for emerging market businesses, established multinationals and governments. They also serve as a starting point for redefining the future of growth: a robust growth that efficiently binds all elements of sustainability together – economic, environmental, and social.

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The New Sustainability Champions

by World Economic Forum

The New Sustainability Champions are sixteen emerging market based companies presented by the World Economic Forum and the Boston Consulting Group in their recent report Redefining the Future of Growth.These companies create unconventional & profitable solutions that impact economic growth and enhance overall sustainability in their regions.

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